Our submission for the House in Forest 2020 – Wooden House competition responds to four key challenges:

  • Climate Change and the devastating impact of forest fires
  • Sustainability Education and Awareness, through people to the drama and joys of nature
  • Timber Construction Technology Demonstrator, showcasing modern techniques of timber structures
  • Human Habitat Revolution, realized through the emergence of time share economy

Our “house in the forest” works as a watch tower in fire season and doubles as the most remarkable nature destination for the rest of the year. The two-level plan hosts an upper level observation deck with a 360deg ‘view shed’ and Ranger Station, the lower level providing sleeping quarters with outstanding view out across the forest canopy. The tower height is adjustable to match that of the surrounding trees, the ‘cab’ can even perch on rock outcrops as a stand-alone element.

Our proposal revives the historic form of the fire watch tower, through the use of modern technologies, and highlights both the challenges facing our natural environment and the powerful delight gained through the exposure to nature’s grandeur.